Reverse innovations is a term which is used to describe an innovation which takes place first in the developing world according to their needs and later on this is used in developed world. This is in contrary to the past when innovations use to be made in developed countries and were later on used in developing world. Reverse innovation helps in reduction of cost of the research and development..
Reverse innovations medicare is a newly formed company, focusing on research and development of disposable medical devices which will help to reduce the medical waste generation.                                                                                          more
Our aim is to establish ourselves as research and development unit for medical devices both disposables & nondisposables. To develop medical devices which are user friendly ,safe, economical and ecofriendly i.e. helps in reducing medical waste generation.We are doing patenting ,prototyping, manufacturing and marketing in india and abroad.
doing product analysis and clinical trials of medical devices for other companies.Our company provides consultancy services to other medical devices manufacturing companies. we are in touch with all leading manufacturers in india& abroad.                                                                          more
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